Term 1 2013 research project: A world of difference

  • Make a list of some of the important thinks you learnt

One of the important things I have learnt is improving my research skills and learning how to gather important information. When I first started researching, I found some sites where not reliable and some were. I used the good sites and now I can find good and reliable information.


  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do before

After doing my project on Vietnam, I can now use some useful sites like Encarta kids and Wikipedia that I can rely on. I can also use some popular programs that I will use later on for different projects like PowerPoint.


  • What or who helped me

While doing this project I was assisted by a few useful research sites and other programs. I also had some help from my mum and dad, because they have been looking at travel sites for my research country, Vietnam.


  • 3 Facts

Vietnam’s food is considered to be one of the healthiest foods worldwide, mainly because of its use of vegetables, fresh herbs, and rice. The population of Vietnam is 86,166.599. You should probably know that before you go there for a holiday. Vietnam’s weather varies. It can be hot all year round, or very cold in winter.


  • 2 Understandings

I understand that although Australia and Vietnam are in different parts of the world, there laws are about the same. I think that this is because the rules are fair and easy to follow for everyone. Vietnam’s national animal is the dragon. I think that this is because in the part of the world, the dragon is powerful, just like Vietnam.


  • 1 Wondering

I wonder how else Australia and Vietnam are related and if they will ever meet each other in events like sporting and trade.



School swimming sports recount

I was pretty nervous when we were walking to the pool all the time I was wondering which house would win. At the pool I got ready and helped to set up the shade tent. I got a big surprise when I was called for my event so I went over and waited for the race to start.

I had to wait in line for a long time before it was my event. When I got into the water I thought it was warmer than I had expected. When the siren sounded swam as fast as I could. In the background I could hear people cheering for their house.

When I finished the race I thought that I had come last, but then I was told that I had come 2nd. That was exiting because I’m not very good at swimming. So I had just earned the team some points!

The rest of the day was relaxing for me. It was fun to watch other people race and to cheer for them.

On the way back I was excited to see which house had won.

In the S.P.C everyone was waiting to see what house had won. Banks won the 1/2’s and 3/4’s events and Chisholm won the 5/6’s and the overall events!

I enjoyed the swimming sports and I think that all the house captains and the staff did a great job in organising the races and the events.


Gala sports day recount

The Gala sports days were the best! One our first cricket game we won against our other M.P.P.S team, what a victory that was! For the rest of the day we lost three matches, but that didn’t matter because we had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

The second day was great! It was nice weather and we only lost one match for the whole day. That was exciting. It was fun and a bit boring to sub off, because when the over finished you could give advice to your team mates. We played at Fairburn Park for both of the Gala days.

One bus ride back some people (like me) had to go on a bus with a different school because our bus was full. When the other kids got off they were talking to us and saying things like “why are you here” and “this is our bus!” It was funny! That was the best gala sports day ever!


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