Valedictorian Speech

Good evening, parents, teachers and students. Tonight I will be sharing my valedictorian speech with you all. I hope I will make this occasion memorable. We have been at this school since prep, and we have enjoyed our seven years here. I have learnt a lot here, not always to do with the education program. I will now share you some of the moments that I will remember all the way through my life, and that is why I think these moments are special. Here they are:


When I was first in prep, I was really looking forward to going to school. I was excited about what was going to happen there. I can see that in the photos that were taken on that day. I can remember coming home and telling my mum and dad absolutely everything that happened there. The next morning, when they said “Tom, get ready for school”, I said “Again?”, because I had thought that we only went there for one day. I didn’t think it would be for 12 years. I’m pretty sure I would have been very surprised to hear this. That’s why on the second day, I walked into school feeling confused. Now that I look back, I’m glad that school wasn’t only one day long, because then I wouldn’t have had all the opportunities that I have had throughout my time here as a student.


The school has grown a lot since we were in prep. For example, we didn’t have Buddies back then. I think we’re lucky to be a student in 5/6 now, because we have so many more things to do and responsibilities to take on than they had when we were back in prep. This just shows how much the parents and teachers have put in to helping us have a good education and a good time at school.  We would like to thank them for that. It’s not only them that have helped me through my years. It has also been my friends, because they can help when other people can’t.  As well as school being good, some of it was also challenging. The jump between grades was not hard, as some people might have thought, because the teachers helped us through the start as well as the end of the year.


I have seen the school change in 7 years, not just in learning and education, but physically as well. We were all so excited when the SPC was built, and couldn’t wait to go inside. In 5/6, I have been part of many experiences and programs that the school has put effort into, like the SEPEP sport program, house captains and ICT lead users. We have also had so many excursions and trips, starting from prep or year one. When I was in prep, I liked to think that the excursions were just from fun, and parts of them are. When I got into the higher grades, I realised that there was so much learning to do during them. This made me realise that there is so much learning do be done outside of school, and that you can teach yourself new things.


Sometimes, when I look back, I realise how much I want to be back in prep, to do all of the fun stuff that we have done over the years again. But then I think, and I see so many new opportunities and experiences that will come later. I then stop looking back and start looking forward to what’s coming. People have put in a lot of work into making us have the best learning experience, and I really enjoyed my years at this school.  Finally, I would like to thank my friends and the teachers at this school for helping me up to year six, and making my years at Moonee Ponds Primary School so great. Thanks.




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