2014 Camp Reflection

First, let’s get something sorted about camp. It was long. Like weekends and school week, the good bits went fast and the less enjoyable parts took quite a while. This always seems to happen to me. This reflection is going to take ages, so get comfortable, and read on, if you dare. My highlights include […]

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 (finally!) Question 23

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition. Read: A square has a perimeter of 60 cm. A rectangle has the shape of two of these squares placed side by side. What is the perimeter of the rectangle? Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question. Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used […]

Valedictorian Speech

Good evening, parents, teachers and students. Tonight I will be sharing my valedictorian speech with you all. I hope I will make this occasion memorable. We have been at this school since prep, and we have enjoyed our seven years here. I have learnt a lot here, not always to do with the education program. […]

100 WC #14

I sat on the beach, watching things go by. The waves lapping the shore, the sound of splashing as people waded into the water. There was one thing, however, that had caught my eye. It looked strangely out of place on this hot summers’ day. Nobody else seemed to notice the massive rusted ship’s hulk […]

Behind The News: Bloopers

In this video, there are lots of funny out  takes that have happened during this series of BTN. Usually, the bloopers are funny and weren’t meant to happen. Some other videos that I have watched have the bloopers at the end, and they are entertaining. The bloopers in this video mainly included people forgetting their […]

100 WC #12

He was startled to find a young boy. “What the…” Lord Nulth started, but he was cut off. The boy began to plead for mercy, and cry about what had happened to the world. Lord Nulth did nothing but looked down on the boy. When the boy had finished, something started to rise from his […]

Behind the News: Future Careers

Life might be different for kids in the future, like them being better educated in their lifetime. Other things include bigger debts to banks. A surprising statistic is that most kids will have more than 13 different jobs in their lives! In the past, most people only had one job. People will have lots of […]

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Question 22

Predict: I predict that this question will be about multiplication and money. Read: Which deal cost less per metre? A) $1.50 for 15 metres B) $5.00 for 45 metres Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question. Mathematician’s toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was to work backwards Big question: The […]